Marketing for Small Businesses

Business Basics

Staying On Top Of Things When You’re Staying At Home (For Work!)

Working From Home Is Easy… Isn’t It? I was blessed with a very special opportunity two and a half years ago: to work from home. As naive as I once was, I thought working from home would be easy-peasy lemon-squeezy right off the bat. No commute, no…

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Bring On The Marketing Spark in 2019

Why save cleaning until the spring? What better time to get your marketing house in order than the start of a new year! So hunker down and get ready to tidy things up, spark some joy and hopefully light a fire under your 2019 marketing efforts. Determining What…

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Google Drive For Business

Google Drive is great for your small business.

While trying to find a way to manage your business, you’ll run across a few platforms. One of these will be Google Drive. If you’ve got a Gmail Account, you’ve got Google Drive. Let’s get into a few reasons you’ll want to consider using Google Drive to…

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It’s All “About Us”

In one paragraph, tell me why you want this job. “What job,?” you may ask. Well, the job of your business being the one-stop shop for all things “you” related – the main widget provider, the creator of the most delicious something or other, the most fabulous…

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Writing A Branding And Style Guide: The Basics

What Is A Style Guide? A style guide is a set of standards and rules that define your company’s branding. It tells you how that business presents itself to the world. Branding and style guides provide consistency when making posts or branding images. It ensures that every…

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4 Ways A Freelancer Can Keep Busy During the Summer Months

As summer progresses, sometimes the workload of a freelancer can begin slowing down. Client’s needs change (i.e., fewer projects) and more people are on vacation. Whatever the reason, a freelancer may find they’re in need of extra projects to pay those pesky bills that keep coming. My…

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What Is Digital Marketing For Small Businesses?

What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. They include but are not limited to the following six digital marketing tactics and tools that small businesses…

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Freelancers, Small Businesses and Payment: Just Show Me the Money!

Dear reader, we don’t know each other well, so I’ll need you to trust me when I say I am a nice person. I give second and third chances, and sometimes even fourth chances. And while being nice is usually a good thing, as a freelancer, it…

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